Who We Are

Capital Street Investments LLP is a strategic and global investment management company. We constantly apply a deep and classic value approach in our investment, which requires a commitment to real estate investment that is research driven. We have a team of experts are focused on research that bring about a profound understanding of the intrinsic value and long-term prospects of our company. Our thorough research process avail us the needed confidence to make substantial investments in real estate properties with low present value, this has been set by our investors who can’t look past near-term problems.

At Capital Street Investments LLP, we utilize a long term view, specialized active investing as well as risk management system in seeking out strategic investment opportunities. This is a proven system that has continually produced great investment returns for all our clients. We carry out partnership with our clients to manage, maintain, and maximize their wealth. Implementing a goal-based approach, we also work with our clients to tackle complex estate challenges, financial planning as well as investment management.

We have a straight forward investment process, using complete fundamental research to calculate the normalized return on investment of any property and underpinning the approach that behind all of our strategies. We have a solid return record as well as reputation for integrity, excellence in research, as well as being devoted to the philosophy of our investment which has led to significant growth of our business.