Land Acquisition Strategy

We have a proven track record in selective land acquisition and take an intelligent and scientific approach to buying landing for a long term investment; our pool of architectural and planning resources ensures necessary permissions can be processed smoothly and granted on the land without complications. We’re adept at promoting and maximising value for even the most complex regeneration or urban expansion sites, which invariably bring their own set of social, economic or environmental constraints.

Key to the success of these projects is an overarching responsibility to the communities we serve as we work to deliver large-scale, sustainable strategic sites. All this is possible because we have a straightforward management structure that can identify, process and exploit land potential fast; we’re well placed to commit to long-term investment options and short-term agreements with quick decisions that national operators are unable to make.

The partners we lead in these projects are also fundamental to our ability to deliver. Our relationships with landowners, local authorities and the communities in which we work are the results of long and rewarding associations that have transformed landscapes and communities.